Crop Protection – Monitoring of Stored Grain

The iGrain product portfolio provides a comprehensive solution for post-harvest monitoring of stored grain, including automatic aeration control, integration with PLC/SCADA solutions, level measurement, temperature, moisture, spoiling (CO2), and spoilage (CO2).

Our crop monitoring systems and products are installed and used in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Asia, Russia (CIS), North and South America, Africa, and Oceania. We are happy to have developed this crop protection technology in our Danish headquarters.

Core Applications

  • Grain storages
  • Bean, Cocoa or Coffee Storages
  • Methanol Plant
  • Flour Mills
  • Feed Mills
  • Oil Mills

Grain Moisture Monitoring

The iGRAIN intelligent grain moisture monitoring is particularly effective at controlling aeration and managing grain since it can measure grain moisture. Monitoring moisture helps prevent losses by determining whether grain drying was sufficient.

CO2 Grain Monitoring

The iGRAIN CO2 Sniffer is a carbon dioxide detector that provides the best method for quickly spotting infestation and spoiling. The key to avoiding aflatoxin and other mycotoxins is CO2 monitoring.

Temperature Monitoring

For effective aeration control, the iGRAIN temperature monitoring is essential. Unfortunately, because grain acts as a great insulator, finding hotspots using temperature monitoring is not very effective. Although it serves as a foundation, grain temperature monitoring is not a complete answer.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is made simple by the smart-level silo monitoring sensors, which maintain track of the inventory. Tonnage is computed and all grain movements are displayed.

Aeration Control

The most distinctive aspect of grain monitoring is 100% automated aeration control. As the sole provider in the industry, iGRAIN provides 100% automatic aeration control based on the Equilibrium Moisture Concentration principles (EMC).

Humidity Control

The iGRAIN automatic aeration control system includes automatic head space ventilation management as a core component. It ensures the ideal “climate” and optimum grain storage in the silo’s headspace.


We are committed to constant innovation because we care about what matters to you.
Our goal is to promote the security of global food and feed reserves.
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Together for Safe Crop for the World!

Eye-Grain ApS is known to have raised the bar for high quality and easy-to-use crop monitoring and treatment technology. Several times, we have brought a new technological solution on the market as the first vendor. This is only possible because we take an interest in what happens in the field, we work closely together with our customers to uncover the needs for technology that support a wide range of grain monitoring and treatment solutions, and last but not least due to our large and exclusive pool of scientific and practical know-how from tailoring systems and applying post-harvest storage solutions in any climate zone worldwide over many years.

Our mission is to preserve and optimize crop value and to avoid spoilage and fungus. We work together with you for safe crop for the world.

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