Co2 Sniffer Spoilage Detection

The iGRAIN Co2 Sniffer is an advanced CO₂ sensor system that detects stored grain spoilage at an early stage. The Co2 monitoring supplements temperature monitoring and will normally find a HOT-SPOT in the grain long before temperature monitoring. Its purpose is to support the detection of any unwanted biologic activity originating from insects, fungus, etc. in the stored grain.

Because the generation of CO₂ from the unwanted biologic activity is rather small, and because of the ambient level of CO₂ changes, sophisticated technology is required to detect the rise in CO₂ levels in the early stage.

iGRAIN has more than 10 years of experience with the CO2 monitoring and is indeed the company that made this technology available to the grain industry. The iGRAIN Co2 Sniffer was given an Innovation Award at the Victam Asia 2018.

Two standard Co2 Sniffer models are available:

  • Extracts the air from inside the grain mass with a vacuum pump to analyze the extracted air in the CO₂ analyzer located in the cable head compartment, normally sitting on top of the silo.
  • Measures the content of CO₂ with a micro CO2 analyzer in a specially designed compartment inside the grain mass.


  • Earliest possible grain spoilage detection of insects and fungus.
  • Reduce losses due to unwanted biologic activity
  • Improve possibilities for grain management to take correct decisions earlier
  • Operates with the iGRAIN Smart APP

Technical specifications:

Measures the CO2 concentration in the grain with advanced infrared analysis technology, with several advanced compensation systems to measure only the unwanted biologic activity from insects and fungus. This enables accurate analysis in any climate, we provide a CO2 Sniffer for spoilage detection for the topical climate as well as for temperate climate.. Both models communicate with the iGRAIN DASHBOARD MANAGER software platform for data readout, and they interface with all our systems.

Tropical Model:

  • Very accurate spoilage detection in a hot climate
  • Fastest detection of HOT-SPOTs possible
  • Measure range: 0 – 10.000 ppm+,
  • Response time of less than 15 min.
  • Automatic compensation for background fluctuations in temperature or ambient CO₂

Temperate model:

  • Very accurate spoilage detection
  • Fastest detection of HOT-SPOTs possible
  • Measure range: 0 – 10.000 ppm+
  • Response time of less than 60 min.
  • Automatic compensation for background fluctuations in temperate or ambient CO₂

Our Co2 sniffer is related to the Fire Warning Sensor.

We have a large and exclusive pool of scientific and practical know-how from tailoring and applying post-harvest solutions in any climate zone worldwide, and we shall be honored to serve you.

Please contact our sales and application team for further information and a quote to suit your specific needs; we work together for safe crop for the world!

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