All our products are tested prior to packing and transport. For your optimum benefit or the iGRAIN system either online commissioning or on-site commissioning or and operator training is highly recommended. Our commissioning is performed by iGRAIN specialists who have access to the latest training and knowledge regarding our products.

A lot of our systems is sold including a specific number of commissioning hours online or an on-site commissioning. Your order confirmation/invoice will state if you have commissioning included. Also, you should contact us about 6 weeks before you desire on-site commissioning and 1 week before you desire online commissioning so that we can plan for a smooth process of commissioning together.

Our commissioning is dependent upon the quality of your installation. As long as you follow our installation manuals, including the checks, then the commissioning should be smooth. However, if we encounter a lot of errors in the installation then the commissioning is time-consuming. Prior to commissioning, we will ask you to document your installation. We will guide you in this to make sure the commissioning is efficient.

When commissioning, the iGRAIN field specialist will do a thorough diagnostic to make sure that the system is running to its optimal performance regardless of the site location and unknown factors that are existing at industrial sites.

Post-on-site commissioning we will train and equip the operator(s) with the knowledge and skillset to run and service the iGRAIN system.

For more information or an offer for online or on-site commissioning of your iGRAIN systems please contact the iGRAIN Service Center either by mail or phone at:

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A member of the iGRAIN service team will get back to you ASAP to assess your needs and guide you during the further process.

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