Nitrogen and Chilling

Grain preservation using chilling and Nitrogen

If crops are chilled to a temperature below 16 degrees Celsius, unwanted biological activity – such as insects, mites and fungus growth – can be interrupted and insect procreation will cease. Any type of grain, seed, oilseed, bean, nut, meal etc. can be chilled by the CROP-PROTECTOR® Chiller. Also, by flushing the stored crop with Nitrogen generated by the CROP-PROTECTOR® Nitrogen Generator, all insects, mites and fungus killed or paralysed in the Oxygen depleted environment.

The CROP-PROTECTOR® Chiller is designed, based on our extensive knowledge of safe and efficient crop storage. It is a is unique, high-quality and durable chiller. We utilize an air flow capacity 2-3 times higher than the competition and offer cooling of the condenser with genuine water cooling. This unique technology offers many advantages and is unmatched in the industry. The CROP-PROTECTOR® Chiller is easy to operate via the touch screen computer.

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