Online Service

iGRAIN provides online assistance via the “iGRAIN online center”.

We are happy to advise you about the right solution to ensure your monitoring and control are always working perfectly and providing you with optimal results.

Our online service center has all the experience required to provide a variety of services including installation troubleshooting, software checkup, sensor and network checking, grain condition checking, etc.

Benefits of an iGRAIN online service agreement:

  • True experts will check and evaluate your monitoring system at regular intervals.
  • Online system monitoring and incident reporting.
  • Guidance and recommendations on action or incidents.

Prior to any service provided from the iGRAIN online center we will assess your needs and establish a service order confirmation or a service agreement. The extent and nature of the online service available to you as a customer is subject to the order confirmation or to a separate online center service agreement.

We have a range of online service packages available to fit your specific needs. You can pay by the hour or purchase a small, medium or large online service support package.

For any service inquiries you might have please contact us either by mail or phone at:

Contact Our Sales and Application Team

A member of the iGRAIN service team will get back to you ASAP to assess your needs and guide you during the further process.

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