Quality Assurance

ISO 9001

In Eye-Grain ApS we value and emphasize the delivery of high-quality services and products. Quality management using an iterative plan-do-check-act approach integrated with risk-based thinking is at the core of our daily work internally as well as externally as we use ISO as our quality management system.

ISO ensures you clear definitions of our mission, vision, values and safe efficient business processes as well as our ongoing self-monitoring and evaluation. We use TÜV in Germany as our ISO 9001 certifying body.

Please see our certification here.

Ex – IEC-Ex (ATEX) approved products

We emphasize safety in all of our products and especially in the iGRAIN monitoring product line used applied in storages of commodities.

The highest risk in grain storage, especially flour handling, is explosions. Explosions can occur in dusty environments with high temperatures if an ignition source is present. This is why more and more attention is given to risk management in storage of commodities. We experience that more and more customers are faced with demands from their insurance companies to document that the equipment used for monitoring their storage commodities has been certified explosion-proof.  Our iGRAIN monitoring products are Ex – IEC-Ex (Atex) approved and provide you with the best possible solutions for the prevention of explosions in your storage.

Please contact us for advice on your choice in Ex – IEC-Ex (ATEX) approved products

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