Repair and Warranty Service

Should you experience the need for the repair of iGRAIN products, please always contact our Service center.
For more prompt service please include your invoice number to allow our service staff the opportunity to better assist you. This help establishes if the repair is covered by the warranty and rule out any misunderstandings regarding the installation and the product’s functions.

An iGRAIN service team member will assess if we need you to send the product to us or if an on-site service visit is needed. We’ll inform you on the process of your specific repair.

If a warranty repair is the case, please see here.

If a warranty repair is not applicable, you will be informed accordingly, and the estimated cost will be provided according to our standard procedures.

For repair and warranty service please contact us either by mail or phone at:

contact our sales and application team

A member of the iGRAIN service team will get back to you ASAP to assess your needs and guide you during the further process.

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