System and Product Overview

Simple grain monitoring for small grain volumes

This system is for you who have a farm or a small industry with a few silos, and only need spot checking of the grain.

Grain Temperature and Grain Moisture with our Handheld monitoring systems. There is an option to transfer data to a PC and display all temperatures in a Matrix View and with simple trend-curves.

Typical Applications:
Farms and small industries where storage time is relatively short, and the grain amounts limited. Typically, up to 2.000 ton.

Data read out solutions:

  • Handheld Reader iG-2000 and iG-2500 – Grain Temperature
  • Handheld Reader iG-3000 and iG-3500 – Grain Temperature and Grain Moisture


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Update to a small automated system at any time

Small automated systems with aeration control option

This system is tailored with limited features for small sites where you need online monitoring.

Grain Temperature, Grain Moisture, and Grain Inventory Management. Our well known Semi-Automatic Aeration Control System is an add on option. Operation from a mini PC with full online capacity and full integration with the iGRAIN Smart APP for smart phones.

Typical Applications:
Bigger Farms, Chicken and Pig Farms, and small grain processing industries. Recommended for sites with up to 15.000 tons and storage time less than 6 months.

Data read out solutions:

  • iGRAIN Mini LC-1: Grain Temperature and Inventory Monitoring, online via LAN and internet. iGRAIN Smart APP option.
  • iGRAIN Mini LC-2: Grain Temperature, grain Moisture and Inventory Monitoring, semi-automatic aeration control, online via LAN and internet. iGRAIN Smart App included.


  • The system is very affordable,
  • Excellent performance.
  • Update to a fully automated system at any time

Fully automated with 100% automatic aeration control

This system comprises all the sensor technology you can dream off for monitoring your grain. You will have fully automated aeration control for optimal storage and a variety of data platforms and data read out solution.

All iGRAIN Sensors available; Grain Temperature and Moisture, weather Station and silo head space humidity, Spoilage detection with the iGRAIN CO2 Sniffer, iGRAIN Fire Warning Sensor (CO and CO2), Radar Level Sensor, Plenum Pressure sensor, Rotary Paddle “Stop-Sensor”

Typical Applications:
Bigger Farms, Flour Mills, Feed Mills, Oil Mills, Food Processing Industry, Grain Terminals, Grain Hotels etc.

Data read out/platform solutions:

  • Plant TOP-VIEW Dash Board
  • Matrix view of all sensor values
  • Trend curves for all sensors in any time frame
  • Inventory Management
  • Semi-Automatic Aeration Control
  • 100% Automatic Aeration Control
  • PLC/SCADA Integration, I and II


  • The world leading grain monitoring and aeration control technology, available from no other vendor.
  • You will have the tool to keep your grain in the best possible condition.
  • This solution comes tailored to your facility and with any of our data-platforms.

Grain Sensor Options

Network and platform solutions

Data Acquisition Solutions


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